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Just like other areas of your home or business, concrete floors must be maintained to preserve their durability. Unfortunately, the gaps in-between the concrete slab in your driveway, warehouse, or garage are where your concrete is most likely to get damaged.

Also called expansion joints, these gaps allow the concrete slab's different segments to expand and contract as the temperature and humidity change throughout the year. When the concrete surface has lost its ability to hold together all the binding materials that make it up, it is time to repair it to prevent further damage from cracks, impacts, and chipping.

At Stein Epoxy Flooring, we specialize in repairing and restoring concrete floors in Astatula FL residential, commercial and industrial properties. We use the latest techniques and equipment to fix, level, seal, and protect your concrete from damage.

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Our Astatula FL concrete Repair process

No matter whether your Astatula FL concrete floor was damaged by heavy forklifts, rusting rebar, or the weather, at Stein Epoxy Flooring, we are sure we have the right solution for you and your concrete slab.

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